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Total solution for thread rolling, spline rolling, chipless process and precision gears manufacturer.

Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd is the affiliate of Six Star Group. Six Star was founded in 1975 by Six brothers and devoted to the manufacturing of precision gear products. Yieh Chen Machinery was established in 1984 into the market of machinery industry and is dedicated to produce Thread rolling machine and Spline rolling machine with high quality and durable lifetime.

Sixstar is an ISO9001 & AS9100 Certified Manufacturer of Gears

Main Products:

spur gear, helical gear, spur gear rack, helical gear rack, worm, worm shaft, bevel, spiral bevel gear, gear boxes, gear pump, thread rolling machine, spline rolling machine, multi forming machine, special purpose machine


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We proudly announce the certification of AS9100 in year 2014, the milestone of Six Star Group to advance further in Aerospace field with our professional gear products.  Read more »


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