Base on 40 years experience of producing precision gear products, Yieh Chen R&D team develop a broad range of Thread Rolling......


Founded in 1975 by six brothers, Six Star owns 40 years of experience on manufacturing gear products. Throughout these years......


We proudly announce the certification of AS9100 in year 2014, the milestone of Six Star Group to advance further in Aerospace field with our professional gear products.

Gear Manufacturer

Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a gear manufacturer of gear for air screw compresser, cnc lathes, machining center, printing machines and more. Also, we providing quality thread rolling machine, spline rolling machine, multi forming machine.
Yieh Chen is among the most technologically advanced gear manufacturers in the world. To meet the requirements of the customers, we not only constantly endeavor to improve the quality and reduce the cost of our gears, also enhance our service with prompt response. Yieh Chen is constantly upgrading itself to offer you leading edge performance. Looking for professional gear manufacturer, Yieh Chen is your first choice!