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Spline Rolling Machine

Spline Rolling Machine

Spline Rolling Machine is inherently accurate, with surface finishes of 3 to 6 micro-inches obtainable by rolling.

Experience Custom Gears

Experience Custom Gears

Founded in 1975 by six brothers, Six Star owns 40 years of experience on manufacturing precision gear products.


Spline Rolling Machine Manufacturer - Yieh Chen

Based in Taiwan, Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a spur gear and helical gear | Spline Rolling Machine manufacturer with over 31 years of experience in gear industry.

With CNC gear machining, ISO certification and advanced software, Yieh Chen's high precision spur gears and helical gears are built with excellency.

Along with Spur Gears and Helical Gears, worm shafts, spiral bevel gears, bear boxes, gear pumps and gear racks are provided as well. All gears can be custom-made with innovative solutions to meet each customer's demands.

Spline Rolling Machine

YC-800 / YC-1225

Spline rolling (cold roll forming of spline) process will generate excellent surface finishes, increase shear strength due to grain flow, and reduce material requirements due to "chipless forming" and achieve excellent mass-productivity.

Forming racks is easily to change and conveniently accomplished as well.

The machine is designed in a good looking with white painting, when time goes by it still looks like brand new.

Yieh Chen Spline Rolling Machine Process

Standard Accessories:

  1. Machine Safety Device
  2. Parts Setter
  3. Lubrication System
  4. Cooling System
  5. Electrical Control Unit
  6. Tooling & Tool Box
  7. Operation & Maintain Manual

Optional Accessories:

  1. Various Forming Racks
  2. Auto Loading System
  3. Special Center
  4. Customer-made Acceptable


Min. Component Diameter (mm)13 (0.51")13 (0.51")13 (0.51")
Max. Spline Diameter (mm)30 (1.18")40 (1.57")50 (1.97")
Max Spline Length (mm)110 (4.33")110 (4.33")110 (4.33")
Min. Component Length (mm)100 (3.94")100 (3.94")100 (3.94")
Max. Component Length (mm)1000 (39.37")1200 (47.24")1200 (47.24")
Max. Spline Module
Standard Length of Spline Forming Rack
Standard Length of Thread Forming Rack
Hydraulic Motor
50HP (6P)
Cooler Capacity
7.5 TON7.5 TON
PLC Control System    PLC
Floor Space (L x W x H)2700 x 4200 x 2100mm3700 x 4200 x 2100mm3700 x 4200 x 2100mm
Packing Measurement (L x W x H)4000 x 5000 x 3000mm5000 x 5000 x 3000mm5000 x 5000 x 3000mm
Net Weight (Kgs)   
12,000 kgs15,000 kgs15,000 kgs
Gross Weight (Kgs)12,500 kgs15,600 kgs15,600 kgs
The designs are subject to modification and improvement without notice.


Special for precision parts of vehicle, motorcycle, agricultural machine, filter, pneumatic, hydraulic 7 various hardware tools…etc splines, serrations, oil grooves, worm gears, screws, knurl, threads and similar forms.

"Chipless" forming to achieve excellent mass-productivity.

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