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Gear Technology

~ Tomorrow's requirements are today's challenge. ~

Six Star knows that many customers are searching for gears that are unique to their product or machine. They need a manufacturing partner that can provide custom design services and overcome technical difficulties to create gears for any application. Six Star's gear engineers work with customers to discuss speed requirements, torque, horsepower, load, mechanical ratings and other specifications with the added benefits of shortening development time, achieving more practical designs, and lowering overall costs.

R & D

We cooperate with top research institutes to produce precise gears

To keep on the forefront of gear innovation, Six Star increases its R&D budget annually and cooperates with top research institutes in Taiwan and around the world. Through these alliances, Six Star develops precise gears with lower backlash, higher reducing ratio gearboxes, and non-involute drives while also nurturing talent for Taiwan's gear industry.