FAQ for Machine of Yieh Chen

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FAQ for Machine of Yieh Chen

1. What are the commonly used materials for thread rolling workpiece?

A: The most popular materials are soft materials, low carbon content, and non-harden steel with large-scale and economical property, which are used in foundation of the construction industry and infrastructure construction. And the finished products are U-bolt, J-bolts, threaded stud, 3-meter or 12-foot long threaded rods.
B: Higher-grade materials are alloy steel, quenched and tempered hardened steel, stainless steel and the finished products are high-strength bolt studs, spherical, ball pin, and ball studs used in oil refineries, wind power plants, automotive industry fasteners, etc.
C: Other special categories are copper, aluminum alloy steel, SUS304, and free cutting steel. The material characteristics suitable for rolling are that the iron chips generated after turning are continuous, and the quality of the rolling thread finish is better. If it is a discontinuous iron chips, the quality of surface will be rough and burrs generated easily.
D: The fourth category is hollow pipe with parallel or tapper thread, made of material casting steel, SS41 and SUS316, which are used in gas and oil pipeline joints, automobile and motorcycle parts, heat exchange systems.

2. How to select suitable model of thread rolling machine?

Four main factors need to be considered comprehensively, including workpiece material, hardness, thread profile, and tooth length, which can’t be satisfied when four factors are maximum at the same time. Yieh Chen will calculate the minimum required rolling pressure through its own software designed formula, and machine allowable space for workpiece range to recommend the most suitable model for the customer.

3. I am new user for thread rolling machine , how can I learn the machine?

Yichen has nearly 40 years of experience in exporting thread rolling machines over the world. We provide customers with factory teaching services, where they come to the factory to learn machine operation and machine inspection. After the machine acceptance, we can provide instructional videos specially made, detailed operation manuals. And sales team service will reply to customer within 24 hours of working days to provide complete education training services.

4. Machine warranty policy?

Thread rolling machine is guaranteed for one year since the date arrival at the buyer's port.

5. What is the life time of thread rolling die?

The material and conditions of each workpiece are quite wide and different. Normally mild steel material is triple times longer than stainless steel.

6. How to secure the thread rolling die reach the optimal service life?

First of all, select suitable die material according to workpiece, according to different materials, hardness, and quality. Generally, it is better separate the use of carbon steel and stainless steel.
Second, choose the appropriate coolant oil.
Weather the machine is operated correctly. For example, the pitch alignment of two rollers, whether burrs are produced during the production process? Is the support piece hold parts slightly or over pressed down? The timing of the feed speed change among fast feed and slow feed. Die should approach workpiece slowly. Workpiece roughness and cleanliness, if the front end is chamfered without burrs or sharp edge. Whether the material size is correct and there is no interference with the mold.

7. How to order thread rolling dies?

Please provide data below:
1. Machine Model
2. Thread rolling die dimension (O.D., I.D., Keyway, Width)
3. Workpiece data (Material, Hardness, Thread profile, Pitch (Teeth per inch)
4. Through feed or In-Feed Rolling
8. If there is a requirement for automatic feeding, can we also provide a solution?
Project evaluation based on workpiece scope, welcome to send us inquiries.
9. Can the spindle and keyway of the thread rolling machine be customized?
Yes. Welcome to send us inquiries.
10. What is the difference between traditional mechanical control type thread rolling machines and digital control type thread rolling machines?
The traditional type is mainly composed of a gear box set and universal joint set, which are synchronously linked to drive two sets of roller spindles.
The digital control is replaced with two servo motors coupled with a reducers to drive two sets of roller spindles respectively. Therefore, the digital control type can use the built-in rolling parameter indication on the screen to quickly position the rolling die position digitally and efficiently, to achieve faster mold change, and new users can get started quickly. Digital management parameters ensure stable production quality. In response to the trend of AI and mechanical intelligent automation, management software can be installed to remotely control production status and records.

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Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a gear manufacturer of gear for air screw compresser, cnc lathes, machining center, printing machines and more. Also, we providing quality thread rolling machine, spline rolling machine, multi forming machine. Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd is the affiliate of Six Star Group. Six Star was founded in 1975 by Six brothers and devoted to the manufacturing of precision gear products. Yieh Chen Machinery was established in 1984 into the market of machinery industry and is dedicated to produce Thread rolling machine and Spline rolling machine with high quality and durable lifetime.

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